About Us

Founded in 2017, Edge 2 Core Inc. is local to Canada’s unique and ever developing IT market. With operations and sales based out of the greater Hamilton area in Ontario, Edge 2 Core serves clients nation wide for hardware, software and IT services. Ranging from small to medium sized business, enterprise and government entities, Edge 2 Core strategically aligns information technology management to a broad spectrum of verticals within their IT space

With over twenty years experience in solution selling, IT best practices, customer service and support, Edge 2 Core’s executive team is at the forefront of technological requirements and understands that IT investments are critical to organization success in our competitive IT driven market

Core Values

Edge 2 Core is big on responsiveness! When contacting us, it is our mandate to get back to our clients within one hour of initial contact. This allows us to ensure that your requirements are dealt with in a timely manner and that expectations are always met

Mission and Objective:

Edge 2 Core strives to achieve the highest value for all our clients as being their one stop shop for anything hardware, software and IT services. We are Edge 2 Core – Technology Service Redefined