Return / Exchnage and Refund Policies

As a general rule, returns follow either a strict 14 day or 30 day return / exchange policy with the exception of some products that are non returnable**. Please see the table below for a complete guide of specific product return options

Return / Exchange & Restocking Fee
Descripton 14 Day Return 30 Day Return Restocking Fee (if opened)
Notebooks Yes No 15% 
Desktops Yes Yes 10% 
Servers Yes Yes  10%
Networking Yes Yes No
Monitors Yes No 15%
Input Devices Yes Yes No
Memory Yes Yes No
Motherboards Yes (unopened) No No
Communication Yes Yes No
Power devices Yes Yes No
Printers Yes (unopened) No No
Projectors Yes  Yes 15%
Scanners Yes Yes No
Storage Devices Exchange only Exchnage only 10%
Storage Enclosures Yes Yes No
Security / Surveillance Yes Yes No
Speakers Yes Yes No
Televisions Yes No 15%
Video Cards Yes (exchange if opened) No 10%
Sound Cards Yes (exchange if opened) No 10%
Webcams Yes Yes No
Video Devices Yes Yes No
Cables Yes Yes No
Computer Cases Yes Yes  10%
Point-Of-Sale Yes Yes No
Bags and Cases Yes Yes No
CPU's Yes (exchange if opened) No 15%
Cooling Yes Yes No
I/O Controllers Yes Yes No


**Non-Returnable Items

Items that are excluded from returns include:

  • Printer Cosumables
  • Software
  • Storage Media
  • Headphones
  • Wearables
  • Cell Phones

All returns and exchnages are subject to review by Edge 2 Core's RMA team. We ask that you please keep the original packaging with your retun as we will not be able to honor returns or exchnages without it

As the table above is a general guideline, please note that every situation and case is different. Please contact your sales rep diectly if you have any questions or concerns about our return, exchange and refund policy